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where can i turn for comfort?
where do the cold days end?
where has the sunshine gone?
where do our two hearts blend?
where has love gone and hidden?
where must i go to find?
the more i shun romance,
the more love is defined
indulge me
pick a dozen black roses
lay them at my feet
buried in golgotha
amongst the dead's elite

blink one more time and eden will be gone
buried in red hair of fire
drunk on eyes azure blue

serenade the gothic queen,
for her burial is at noon
put aside amorous thoughts, ancient
chivalry is doomed

smile one more time and my angel will be gone
screams - 400 years gone by
tears - i kiss her where she lies

soaking in a bath of blood,
inviting is such naked flesh
what do temptations convey?
flowers grow in disarray

the world engulfed in darkness,
one glance brings years of gloom
i only cry when she smiles,
i have cried much too soon
my lady doth await me,
her eyes reflect the sun
her wicked sins provoke me,
my love has come undone

enthrall me
your scowl makes me smile
eden's leaves cover me
if only for a little while
a rose petal for each tear
a drop of dew for each year
consolation for your death will be an
eternity left alone
do not perish tonight, do not kill what
has not grown

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