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Hey kid what are you lookin' at
How did you get so evil so fast
Where's your mom, where's your dad
What did they teach you
Did they touch you
I can't believe this happened to you
I promise it's not supposed to be this way
But you have no right to repeat the same
She's not yours this ain't a game
Step back watch where your hands go
They might come back to haunt you
It might do you good to cut 'em off
Better that than to rip her off
You're a thief, an abomination
Lucky for you I'm no assassin
I love her, you distorted her view
God help me not to distort you
So let's just say that your blessed
Blessed that I never met you
Hey you, son of a preacher man
I got some words for you
Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near
You stole somethin' that you can't give back
From the one I love
And now she's forced to pray daily
To fight against your flashbacks
So let's just say that your blessed
Blessed that I never met you
chorus: Hey you, you better take your eyes off of her
Your eyes are evil so look away
I'm warnin' you there'll be hell to pay, hell to pay (2 x)
Little girl don't you cry
This boy can't steal what's inside
Let my Father hold you up
Heal the thoughts that make you throw up
I know this life has been hard on you
But the next will never end
Only thing I know to do
Is to ask my Father to heal you
No soap will every scrub away
The memories, the memories
(No soap will never scrub away (3 x) the memories, the memories)
CHORUS (No soap will never scrub away (3 x) the memories, the memories)
I'm sorry, sorry little girl, don't you cry
You're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
I love you, I love you
Father heal us
Won't You hear us
Show us Your mercy forever
I love you, I love you

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