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[How the crusaders burnt the Cathars as punishment for their so called
heretic beliefs]

Watch the final scene
At the Bucher or the stake
Gonna build a tower to bum
Torch, a flaming brand, a pyre blazing scourge
Heretics Clad in flames die in silence

It is no doubt the right way
The perfect way to go
An end to this damn heresy
An end to this damn war

Crowds watch and wait the spectacle unfolds
Orgasmic in intensity their hate
Look, feel the power as flash begins to char
Die now and speak your useless prayers

Yell for forgiveness
Grovel in your shame
You'll find that your protector
Won't save you from the flames

Your vision of a brand new day
Was ravaged by the war
Fire is your just reward
Ignominy your fate

Flames shall feed the fire
Flames shall purify
The church of Rome has issued this decree
Flames destroy the works
Flames destroy the liars
Fire destroy the heresy we fear
The heresy we fear

So, if you don't see it our way this is what you get
War and flaming towers as reward
So renounce your teachings
Come back into the fold
The choice you have peace or holy war

It is no doubt the right way
The perfect way to go
An end to this damn heresy
An end to this damn war

Burn if you desire
Burn this very day
We have a thousand torches
To help you on your way
Burn if you desire
Burn in silent rite
Your heretics beliefs could even save you all
Could even save you all

Heresy was to blame
For lives lost in the fire
The holy church in shame
For its part in the history of the burning

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