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[A short poem about the Castle that was home to the lyricists during
writing of this album]

700 years of cold nights it's been there
700 years of power fading away
Mysteries, enigmas steeped within its walls
Secret hidden never to be known

Like a massive Guardian
Crouched upon the hill
Windows look like eyes
Ramparts seem like teeth

A view of all around if sightless eyes could see
Industrial madness encroaching on its brief
Insidious decay
Nothing stops its spread

Don't bring down these walls
Don't destroy history
These old stones tell us so much
To fall would be an end to
Serenity, on the hill
Serenity, on the hill

See the life on the hills all around
Keep destruction at Bay
Don't surround us with modern things
Let history survive, keep industry away

Warm Summer Nights
Moonlight on the walls
Worlds are at peace
Please, let there be
Serenity, on the hill
Serenity, on the hill

Listen to the massage, a voice from the past
Heed its warning, this monuments won't last
Help to stay the plight of these ancient walls
Now the time to fight they must not fall

See how they stand
So majestical and free
Etched on the skyline
Our heritage for free
Serenity, now's the time
Serenity, peace of mind

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