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[The massed attack and slaughter of the people and city of Beziers because
the residents of that city killed a few of the crusaders]

To Beziers city
Came a host from the far north
Death riding at the head of this vast horde

At the bidding of the king
Their swords began to sing
No living thing was sale from punity

Fly, as swords swing
You will die for our God's law

You will find no safety
Within your city walls
We will come right through you
Until your back's against the wall

Crusaders revenge
Prepare to die
Crusaders revenge

Destroy all the leaders
Bring their heads to me on a plate
Seek out the kids and the wives

Kill, kill them all
God will decide on whom to blame

God will find his own among
The slayers and the slain
We're just here to butcher
Not to keep the score


On this day the order
To slay was handed down from the king
Kill everything that gets in your way

Destroy all that live
Hope and pray that none survive

We have been given orders
That no-one will remain
If one man is still standing
There'll be one to lay the blame

Crusaders revenge
Prepare to die
Crusaders revenge

Crusaders revenge
Prepare to die
Crusaders revenge

Crusaders revenge, Crusaders revenge
Crusaders revenge, Crusaders revenge

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