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Torn from slumber
Haze of sleep melts away
Inner peace splintered
Security decays

Praying for forgetful snows of winter to cover me
Tomb of ice surrounding, sheltering my blazing heart
Beating down the blooms of spring, deny awakening

Realize too late
You were not what I needed you to be

With blinders I race into the storm
Only to be struck down
Smashed on the rocks below

Conflicts of my heart and mind
Unknowing victim of fate's design
On broken knees, hands thrust towards the sky
Descend the cliffs praying to fly

Turn my back to the warning
With blinders I race into the storm
Only to be struck down
Smashed on the jagged rocks below

I reject your ideal
Deny my blood's one desire
Free fall through space
As I fall I burst into fire

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