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[IT: bass, vocals, guitars and whispers]
[Rob: guitars]
[Winter: drums]
[Aras & Veronica: female vocals]

My dark eyes watch the landscapes frozen stillness
The beautiful silent domains which he rules
The cold wind grabs my long hair
Like it wants to carry me with it to the darker marks

[Chorus :]
I walk through deep snow
[whisper]</i> I'll wander endlessly
Searching for my master
I must march until death
[whisper]</i> I'll wander endlessly
'til my soul takes over

Will I ever reach my wonders end ?
Penetrate the darkness
So much land that I've put behind my back
When will I sit at his throne ?

I watch the darkened domains and pass
By making the ceremony of the true
My feet are swollen blue
Of the wolf biting icy cold

I stab my dagger through my unpure heart
The sky has turned backwards - the moon is my eye
I'm neverending floating away like a dim sculpture
In the lands where I once was born

[repeat Chorus]

[whisper]</i> I'm fading but never...
[whisper]</i> I'm fading but never...

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