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We're caving in around a portion of progress
We suffer sounds through a hole in the sign
Climbing down where the pressures we purchase
Can we pretend that it meant anything at all?

So we drive
We re-align
And tell ourselves everything's alright
As we keep licking all the spit off our shoes

We can change the world around us
And put ourselves to sleep
But we don't change for nothing anyway
Always gotta be the biggest thing
Keep chasing the golden ring
And we sell ourselves for nothing

It's alive but there's no destination
To pray alone before I shudder to sleep
It's everything I never turned my back on
I never meant to end up this far alone

It's arrived
We see it's time
To be the ones who'll never fall in line
Because this was never meant for your kind

Pressure lies
In your mind
And in the end it cuts away our time
Too full of self for us to recognize

Cross your heart
Watch your back
Turn your eyes away
Where the strains of the past won't betray your ways

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