Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Oasis Dig Out Your Soul's lyrics 2008-10-01
Oasis The Shock of the Lightning's lyrics 2008-09-22
Oasis Stop the Clocks (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-11-23
Oasis Stop the Clocks (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-11-23
Oasis Stop the Clocks EP's lyrics 2006-11-13
Oasis Let There Be Love's lyrics 2005-11-28
Oasis The Importance of Being Idle's lyrics 2005-08-22
Oasis 2005-06-17: Molson, Toronto, ON, Canada's lyrics 2005-06-17
Oasis Lyla's lyrics 2005-05-16
Oasis Only Hits's lyrics 2004-00-00
Oasis Songbird's lyrics 2003-02-03
Oasis Little by Little/She Is Love's lyrics 2002-09-23
Oasis Little by Little / She Is Love's lyrics 2002-09-23
Oasis Heathen Chemistry's lyrics 2002-07-01
Oasis Stop Crying Your Heart Out's lyrics 2002-06-17
Oasis The Hindu Times's lyrics 2002-04-15
Oasis Diamonds in the Sky's lyrics 2002-00-00
Oasis Familiar to Millions's lyrics 2001-10-01
Oasis Familiar to Millions (disc 1)'s lyrics 2000-11-13
Oasis Familiar to Millions (disc 2)'s lyrics 2000-11-13
Oasis Familiar to Millions (disc 3)'s lyrics 2000-11-13
Oasis Sunday Morning Call's lyrics 2000-07-03
Oasis Who Feels Love?'s lyrics 2000-04-17
Oasis Standing on the Shoulder of Giants's lyrics 2000-02-23
Oasis Go Let It Out's lyrics 2000-02-07
Oasis Where Did It All Go Wrong?'s lyrics 2000-00-00
Oasis The Masterplan's lyrics 1998-11-02
Oasis All Around the World's lyrics 1998-01-12
Oasis All Acoustically's lyrics 1998-00-00
Oasis Stand by Me's lyrics 1997-09-22
Oasis Be Here Now's lyrics 1997-08-21
Oasis Be Here Now (disc 1)'s lyrics 1997-08-21
Oasis Be Here Now (disc 2)'s lyrics 1997-08-21
Oasis The Acoustic Sessions, Volume 2's lyrics 1996-00-00
Oasis Wonderwall's lyrics 1995-10-30
Oasis Roll With It's lyrics 1995-08-14
Oasis Some Might Say's lyrics 1995-04-00
Oasis Closet Encounters's lyrics 1995-01-01
Oasis Whatever's lyrics 1994-12-22
Oasis Cigarettes & Alcohol's lyrics 1994-10-10
Oasis Shakermaker's lyrics 1994-06-13
Oasis Supersonic's lyrics 1994-04-11
Oasis Definitely Maybe's lyrics 1994-00-00
Oasis First Demo Tape 1992's lyrics 1992-00-00
Oasis [non-album tracks]'s lyrics
Oasis 2006-11-07: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Canada's lyrics
Oasis Acquiesce's lyrics
Oasis Undrugged's lyrics
Oasis MTV Live & Unplugged's lyrics
Oasis The Red Album: 93-94's lyrics
Oasis Take the Low Road's lyrics
Oasis Whatever Demos's lyrics
Oasis Live Forever's lyrics
Oasis Live Finsbury Park (disc 2)'s lyrics
Oasis Live at the Metro's lyrics
Oasis Daily Mirror Giveaway's lyrics
Oasis The Non-Album Tracks's lyrics
Oasis The Lost Tapes's lyrics
Oasis Singles Gold's lyrics
Oasis 2006: Live in Tokyo's lyrics
Oasis Live Finsbury Park (disc 1)'s lyrics
Oasis Complete Singles Collection's lyrics
Oasis Talk Tonight's lyrics
Oasis The Sunday Times Heathen Chemistry Promo's lyrics
Oasis MTV Unplugged & Oasis Sing the Beatles's lyrics
Oasis Step Into 1996's lyrics
Oasis Wonderwall EP's lyrics
Oasis Forever Live's lyrics
Oasis Greatest Hits's lyrics
Oasis The Acoustic Sessions's lyrics
Oasis The Blue Album 94-96's lyrics
Oasis 2005-06-20: UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USA's lyrics
Oasis Seattle on Fire's lyrics
Oasis Definitely Maybe (bonus disc)'s lyrics
Oasis B-Sides's lyrics
Oasis Unplugged, Volume 2's lyrics
Oasis Making It All Happen's lyrics
Oasis MTV Unplugged's lyrics
Oasis …There and Then's lyrics
Oasis MTV Unplugged + Live Tracks's lyrics
Oasis Definitive Too's lyrics
Oasis Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Demos's lyrics
Oasis 2000-02-17: Profiting Off the Shoulders of Giants's lyrics
Oasis Live and Unplugged on MTV's lyrics
Oasis There and Then's lyrics
Oasis 2004-06-23: Live at the Poole Lighthouse's lyrics
Oasis Behind Closed Doors's lyrics
Oasis The Untold Story's lyrics

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