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(jaimacian jiberish) this is a perfect day!
woke up to the sound of the garbage truck again
upstairs neighbors toilets leakin on my head
my cars broke down i missed the bus there runs a ten
i had a feelin this was a day to stay in bed
i finally left my pad right under jumbos cloud
a police officer pulled out ands gonna say
(freeze put your hands up)
i said sir you got the wrong guy
i guess its just a perfect day OoOoOo
i guess its just a perfect day OoOoOo
(jaimacain jiberish)
im sippin a fresca at the downtown county jail
my friends are all to broke to come up with my bail
i lost my day shoes to tiny playin spades
i sleep with one eye open to make sure i dont get laid
the deportation officers son said to me
they put us on a bus to guadalaraja
i guess its just a perfet day
its just a perfect day
(it was a perfect day)
have you evereverever had one of those days never seen nothin right nothins
goin your way
its so wrong i dedicate this song to you you and you and whoever relates to
what we do
but somebody tell me why why why this always happens to me me me
just another dose of reality
just tryin to make the best of this situation
this really isnt my idea f vacation
o my mama mama sita say
hey baby va manocave
this chica bonita is lookin okay
ya i think im goin to say
my car broke down it was a perfect day
the surf is up it was a perfect day
my dog on the street it was a perfect day
my wife run away it was a perfect day
my cat run away it was a perfect day
my dog on the street it was a perfect day
it was a perfect day it was a perfect day
cops took away my stahash
the police man took away my stash
it was a perfect day
somebody broke my bong it was a perfect day
this song was a hit it was a perfect day

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