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Let it bleed cause it shuts the doors the same doors you thought slammed in
your face does bleed you've just thrown yourself against what you did hate
them for makes you bleed makes you proud warns you when and why to feel sad
drags you deep down in your own mud makes you bite the dust just before
this rude awakening could be the stepping stone of the rest of your life
but this rude awakening will be your gravestone it's the price of your lies
what do you hide behind your locked eyelids you walk away that's not yours
cause you're ruled by your own old fears live a life that's not yours but
its own the slave of your self-apathy you won't find cause you're ruled by
your own old fears living suffering gloving cursing dying frightening life
try to hide cut its throat but you can't because it's yours reveals you as
cold as you seem reveals you as lost as you are.

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