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I was a deth man degenerate
Some saw me as a fool just a menace and-
If I ever broke the law it was heaven sent
In the abit of sayin some shit I never meant
Now it's time for you to see that when-
I speak - I'm real - I feel - I Can never forget
What is it that made me this way how I am today
And why it is this heavy music I play

Now I'm a menace to the heaven sent
I break the fool and degenerates
You're a deth man with a master plan
If you can-can come to my land where we can get it on man
You needn't think you can pull one over me
Im a tough smart heavy brother in the industry
I got no grounds for beatin' around the bush
You push - I push back and I hit with power see

This is a message that will never end
This is a soul that will never mend
I got the fever - you're the reliever
I'm off the meter - you're just a bleeder
In this land there'sa race that time forgot
And for the land - in this time the race was shot
Under-estimated - no concilation
Got to be blatend speaking to the nation

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