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Always me and you
Tight like sisters, crazy cool
So when you got kinda buddy with my guy
Nothing funny even entered my mind

Imagine my surprise
To catch you in your lies
So rude. You lose
You'll get what's coming to you

Who's the fool (not me)
You forgot the golden rule(but you)

What you put out comes back
What ya been doin is talking trash
There you go burning up that bridge
Makes me wanna say kiss this
I don't even have to stoop so low
Cause if theres one thing that I know
Everything you do comes back
Comes back to bite you in the

Ask me all innocent like
Why I'm upset, why I'm actin quiet
I'd explain but it would be useless
You've proven yourself to be clueless

How could you front like that
Cool to my face then stab my back
Oh Dude. You lose
You'll get what's coming to you

Who's the fool (not me)
You broke the golden rule( but you)


Two weeks later and you lost your man
He came running back to me but I told him no chance
Now you've got no best friend to turn to-in a lonely circumstance
Life can be a bummer when it all comes back


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