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Whisper in the Ear of the UnBlessed Dead
And My Words of Power are Heard in
the Underworld
The Dead
They are Compelled to Obey Me
Even Unto the Worlds Below
Yea I Whisper in the Ear of the UnBlessed Dead
An they Heed my Necromantic Demands
For I have Bound Them
Cursed in this Life and the Next
I Whisper in the Ear of the UnBlessed Dead
And They Tell me Things No Living Man Knoweth
For I Have Taken Possession of their Shadows
And They re Mine To Command in
the Netherworld

I Dream of the Dead
And Their Shades Showeth Me Visions
Which No Living Man Can Know
I Whisper in the Ear of the Dead
And Mine is the UnWritten Knowledge
That Lieth Under The Black Earth

To Speak The Name of The Dead
Is To Cause Them to Live Again

[The inspiration for this song comes from the exploits of Nectanabus, the
last native Pharaoh of Egypt. His reign was during the 4th century B.C. and
he was historically rumored to be a great sorcerer and necromancer. It is
believed that Nectanabus ruled Egypt, overcame his enemies and even kept
his political rivals in check by means of the exercise of magickal and
necromantic arts. He is credited with possessing the power to restore
amputated limbs and the capacity to replace the heads of the slain and
decapitated without injury. Nectanabus was said to have been deeply learned
in the wisdom of the oldest of the ancient Egyptians. He "knew what was in
the stars of the Heavens." He was skilled in reading the stars, foretelling
the future of the unborn, and a master of communion with the dead. He is
also called "The Lord of the Earth" and is said to have "secretly ruled all
earthly kings by magickal means." It is said that he whispered whis
commands in the ears of the dead, so that they should carry out his designs
in the spirit world. According to early historians, Nectanabus exercised
control of many of his enemies by enslaving the souls of the newly dead,
commanding them to learn the secrets of the enemies via the spirits of the
underworld, and using this knowledge against his enemies. Nectanabus
continued is necromanticambitions, even using means of sorcery to achieve
military ends until the day the gods decreed his rule should end and
Nectanabus was forced to flee to Macedonia.]

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