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Great Cthulhu
Ever the warrior God
Of all the old ones
He is the most terrible
For it is his delight
To slay and lay waste to everything that lies beneath his taloned feet
And the very lust to conquer
What was once free
Drives him onward across the heavens and through the spheres

It was he and his spawn
That defeated the elder things
Who had long possessed sovereignty of this world
Before he descended on his gray and leathern wings
Through the upper gate opened by yog sothoth

On the walls of lost cities
And in the carvings of madmen
Who have glimpsed him in their dreams
Is his image delineated
Within a tomb protected by great seals
He lies in death
Under the weight of the dark waters of the deep
Yet he dreams still
And in his dreams continues to rule this world
For his thoughts master the walls of lesser creatures

[solo: Dallas]

When the stars in their endless turnings
Assume the angles of the same rays they shed down
In the primordial dawn of the world
Then does r'lyeh rise upward so the house of Cthulhu
Emerges from under his watery prison
The mind of the god waxes strong
And he sends forth his will to those men
Who are open to his influence
The command to release the seals that bind his tomb

[solo: Karl]

Always the stars
Never remain in alignment long enough
For the enslaved men to reach distant r'lyeh
Before r'yleh sinks once more under the sea
Severing the bond
Between the will of Cthulhu
And the flesh of those he has enthralled
Leaving them to wail in confusion and despair
Upon the bosom of the vacant sea

[solo: Karl]

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