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I've been waiting for you
You're lonely
I've been watching you control me

I'm here with you, you know
No need to hide
Lay your head in mine
Just close your eyes

So you came
You're here with me again
Out of nowhere
You even know my name
But it will never, ever be the same
But I'm always with you
When you fall asleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep...

Show me
Show me what it is
What you're hiding from
I know you
Know who you are
By the fear in your heart
When you awaken your eyes open
I blind you like the sun
You only feel, only feel me
Tear you apart

"Tune your mind, reach inside, peel away. Come on, show me. Touch, Taste,
Feel, Saturation."

Only false dreams awaken
Buried in your heart
Your only scream
You only fear you were dead from the start

Tune your mind
Reach inside
Peel away
Come on, show me

Touch, Taste, Feel

You're lost
You're lost for life
So lost
Your cunting life

The look of pain
No colour pain
The colour of your anger
Your lust for life

Enter my realm
Let it all escape
Reach inside
My creator
Man maker

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