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Elasipe, mastigi ligiri:tetraoron arma diokon
Klithi makar Helie, Panderkes exon Aeonion oma !

Bright rays of enlightened knowledge
Cross the kingdom of Rhodos to the right side of Zeus
World master Iketis, Crimson you have stood
From within the gleaming battles of Maiandron
In between of solar light systems
White stones magnetize my soul
And black holes guide me to the Olympian Fathers.


Naer Mataron, Naer Mataron gaia kai Idor
Ouranie Iketi, Ilion, Irida kai Eosfore
Rhodos ascend to the sunrise of Helios
Beyond the dawn to the Golden peaceful waters.

Empires pass: Generations come
under the Dome of Ouranos.
And I, Plan the path again
For The iridian visitors from beyond

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