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Through the ugly old window, moonlight shines with malice
And in the Maze of my mind, convulsions of my memory
Regrets don't really haunt my soul but acrid thoughts corrode my brain
Awaken til the dawn to fall as darkness fades
And I stay here for hours eating my soul with anguish
My body seems to be dead but my mind burns with morbidity
Paranoia prevails those times, alchemy of hate and fear
But also lustful phantasm... power, fortune and glory

Night is opened wide for my kingdom- HELL
Apparitions come as the daylight dies- HELL
I can't control my mortal flesh so close to my realm
I wish I had the power to kill this shell- HELL
But the scarecrow you spit on is already dead- HELL

I make me sick to punish myself from being arrived here...
And to fade my anger down as blood is tears of the flesh...

Teeth frenetically bite my lips, awaken in sweat at night
I wish I could stop thinking just for a minute
I could stand in a nut's shell and say I'm world's master
If I didn't bear those horrible nightmares
Acrid soul brings bitter tears, vampires cry in eternity
Gazing at destroyed dreams, illusions that died for long
And the wish to kill humanity, erasing the memory
The devil take them all, none made nothing for me
Their eyes wet, their herts cry, I don't want their compassion
And as soon as I'll be gone
I don't think they'll miss me for long.

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