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Devastation over the world, bloodred sky burning the humans below.
Survivors in rat's galleries raping the poisoned ground.
No one know what to come, the cancer eats the fruit.
The curse of 2000 years of ignorance but none to carry the memory.
In the same way they burnt the books and history was erased.
When they behold is was too late, the sickening process was running out.
It began with chemo war, death rays and fire guns even killed the night.
It looks some days, just a few days.
All came so fast...
Unbearable noxious smoke fill the air.
Nowhere to escape on the acid poisoned ground
Returning to ashes, life slowly fades.
Black millenium...
And after they started to fight for the remains of a dead crust.
No place to bury the dead, falling closer to the end on each second.
Cannibalism spreads the venom for the degenerated years to come
In a blast history changed, no salvation.
They prayed and prayed again trapped and hungry like rats.
Returning to middle age, fearing diseases and plague.
But the essence of Evil comes from the inside.
The forsaken whore stays shut.
Graves everywhere, I remember their redened eyes.
Eternity won't newer erase the nightmare to come.
Black millenium has come, all is lost.
The mess of a whole planed.
In my gaseous phantom form, anonymous witness of the fall.
Even bitterness has gone, I shed no tears.

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