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Deny the few that remain and send feeling to oblivion.
The taste of survival has decayed to feel the touch of empty darkness.
So, I'll never miss anyone the day I'll shoot my head.
And no regret for lost joy, avoid rotting here.
Hidden from the daily world, ugly soul marked by doom.
The years have let an acid trance as a treat over humans.
The dark path you'll follow. I'll take you in my fall.
I also remember some times of vice and lust, but so few.
Never asked you to understand my pain, just see me suffer.
How many years I've lost the fight.
The glory of the past times has gone, the union and our brothers,
Gone, gone, gone...
Nothing remains and I'm not sad to quit.
The lead will show me the gate of death.
Black, feeling bad on each second I breathe, black, my human shell becomes
so weak.
Black as the twilight of this world, black, this tunnel has no fucking end.
Black as my heart and all I know, black as color of my soul.
Black as drug and alcohol, black as the future of tomorrow.
Black as the glorious circle's time, black as a past never to be back.
Black, only my soul sad memory remains, black as my flowing bloodtears.
Black as I suck the cold iron barrel, black as the metal on my teeth.
Black as the seed of death's ejaculation, black as the lead that splatters
my face.

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