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Best Friend 2 lyrics song by Mr. Serv-On

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Hook: C-Murder (2x)

My Best Friend be my Lady you my baby boo
and we bout to have a baby
My Best Friend still be my lady
you the only one for me, cus these haters be shady

Verse 1: Mr. Serv-On

see the future
it ain't promising me nothing
I'm still alone in my dreams screaming for a lil something
Now you had a baby from a nigga like me
with no love for change
and I'm still fighting and thugging the depression inside of me
loving the pain, you still hold me tight like you love me for life
I hear your friends say to me
"If you love her that much, you need to make her your wife"
They can't come between what I got or love
You my boo, the only one I kiss and hug,
from every teardrop and backrub
You never turned your back on this soldier
We went from cold bust seas
to a house on the lake with a roller and a Benz
Fuck you friends!
I'm still believing in death before designer
you told me to keep being a soldier,
love me & this baby and never break a promise

Hook: C-Murder (2x)

Verse 2: C-Murder

you the only one for me
you my ghetto girl in this world
I love you to death
I mean I love you with my last breath
I'm ready to die for ya
I'll even cry for ya, and lie for ya
even bust a bullet in the eye for ya
I keep your hands full of carats
wrists dripped in ice
and for your happiness, I'm ready to pay the full price
I remember driving old school caddies
I must be dreaming
I can't believe I'ma be your baby daddy
Experimenting with your body made me want u more
and the sweaty sex have us actin like we just met
its like I looked up when I met you
my best friend be my lady
my best friend be my boo

Hook: C-Murder (2x)

Verse 3: Mr. Serv-On

The world saw the end of us before we knew what to feel
just listen to your teary eyes with no clothes
don't hate me not to this if it ain't real
I cant let go, knowing what I'm feeling
tell me if I'm wrong, but do you feel what I feel
the first time I saw your eyes
love to my ceiling
I'm appealing to this do or die rap world
while you're putting your life aside to have my lil baby girl
Ain't nothing changed if I got a kid
I'ma still give you not,
How many times you found numbers in my pocket
and never let those messy bitches or hating niggas get between us,
look in my eye,
you cant tell imma still bust with you till the day I die,
but you know I'm gon always be there for everything you go through,
You gon be my nigga,
my homie,
my baby boo,

Hook: C-Murder

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