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In the east, where the not-living,
wandering grey shapes are...
Those who hate life, and sucks the life
and sould out of every living mortal...
There where the vampires dwell...
Rules a planet, it standeth above
the eternal fog in the eternal night,
and create the vampire light...
A light that detroy all the living...
Living life cannot live
underneath the red vampire planet...
Its light is a foe and will burn the flesh
and all plants rot in its red terrible light...
The eastern lands in my innermost empire
are but stone upon soil,
and some mountains spread about the land.
The red planet is out there,
it is meant for the not-living
and never changes it's position on the sphere,
its phase is only one...
Its substance unleash a red light,
a red light dimmed by the fog...
And the smoke that comes from cracks in the ground...
A smoke that allways fills the landscapes of the east...
The light is not a friendly light to him that is alive,
it blinds the seeing eye
and burns the flesh and turn bones to dust...
The red planet is an evil minded planet
that was created by the one's will...
It is a vampire's companion in many ways,
its light make their ideal atmosphere,
immense coldness (and still it burns!)
and the perfect light for their vision...
And the light holds all life away...
And destroys the ones that are bewildered
and come into these parts of the world...
Unless the bats allready have eyed them
from afar and their lords
allready have devoured them lest
they should be burnt asunder...
How far away the planet is,
and its greatness, is a mystery to all...
No one see the vampire planet
before they are in its power
and are being burnt alive...
The planet is indeed mystic and terrible...
It is a vampires life source
and guide in more ways than one...

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