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Another vicious headline, the pictures painted clear
The jury found me guilty I was jailed for 20 years
There was one night a murder I was covered in blood stains
I called the police onto the scene to study the remains
They asked me several questions I didn't have a chance
I found myself a slaughtered corpse impaled upon a fence
I'm innocent I cried in vain whilst dragged into a van
You're blaming me for murder, I just don't understand

I'll prove my innocence, I did not kill!
In just one instance they took my will!

Left to die in this rotting cell, trying to make me go round the bend
Evil eyes staring through the bars, accused of murdering my friend
"I did not kill" I screamed at them, they didn't believe my alibi
I'm innocent, I swear the oath, I need some help don't want to die

I'll prove my innocence, I did not kill!
In just one instance they took my will!

I've done my time I've counted the years
The days are scribbled on the wall
Soon the time comes when I wipe the tears
And I'll be searching for the score

I'll prove my innocence, I did not kill!
In just one instance they took my will!

Innocent torture can't take it no more no family no friends and no will
Innocent torture the anger inside, the hate the pain I want to kill
Innocent torture for 20 odd years I've aged I've grown and I've lost
Innocent torture free me I'm old the time the waste the fucking loss

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