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The butchered remains of twelve cadavers, hacksawed human puzzles, savagely
beaten. Creating beauty through their mutilation.
Not leaving one fantasy unfulfilled... Solace in lifeless flesh, obsessive
rages of brutality, pulverizing abducted victims. Ravaged
faces gaze exhausted, content with being dead, they all died hideously.
Postmortem appearances, humiliated, horrified. Addicted
to my most bizarre passion, insatiable. The grisly aftermath of my
crimes... Weeks of unmerciful punishment, unbearable relics,
grim decor scattered. Cleansed in acid baths for disposal, liquefied.
Decomposed with nitric acid. Complete bodies jellied within
hours reduced to sludge. Oceans of hemoglobin, feces and human garbage.
Clogging the acid vat, dissolving the human skin.
Destroying the evidence. Dissolving the human skin. Destroying the
evidence. Decomposed with nitric acid. Dying, hideously,
anonymously. Decomposed with nitric acid. Missing victims never to be
recovered. Strands of flesh dangled from the dead. Bones
clearly visible, the ghastly sight horrible. Melting the human body,
identification impossible, beyond any forensic knowledge.

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