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Hmm, mmm
I cherished the simple days
There were no problems to complicate life
No bad relations to weigh me down
Cause I feel so different now

If I could put all my pain today
Inside a bottle to float away
I would return to the time when I
I could just spread my wings and fly

1 - I wanna be free again and fly away
To the place where love is
And there's no pain
Now I cross my heart and I hope to fly
In the sky so high
All my cares I leave behind

It don't matter, no matter what comes
I wanna go to a place where I can run
Free from the heartache, from the heartbreak
From whatever makes me wanna get away

I need some time to free my mind
There's no telling what I might find inside
I might find myself
I wanna spread my wings and fly

Repeat 1

I don't need nobody else to find myself
All by myself, I need to be
All I wanna do (All I wanna do)
Is find my way back to myself
To heal myself, wanna build myself
To reveal myself for the world to see
That I'm free (That I'm free)
Free again

[Monifah's daughter](Monifah)
Mommy (Yes baby)
I wanna go to Disney World and to the movies
And roller blading
And I wanna go all around the world
You know what mommy
Wherever you wanna go, I wanna go
I want you to be happy
Cause I love you mommmy
And I love you very, very much

I love you very much too baby
And I'm your best friend, forever
Remember that

Repeat 1 until end

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