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In the land of Meldoria
the sun has dissappeared.
It shines for the high ones
that dwell amongst the clouds.
Hidden from the land at the edge
of the world.
Hidden from the people once so proud.

Meldoria, a people sick of greed.
Meldoria, punished for their deeds.

During the last generations
they've turned their gods their backs.
Now they live in darkness
as the sky has turned black.

Greed and megalomania
carried them away in blindness.
Throwing all ideologies and morals away
for egoism and carelessness.

Let you be guided by history,
learn from your mistake.
Don't forget the high one's majesty,
do not let your great ego awake.

As the holy powers withdrew their support
great plauge infested the land.
The earth shook and ruined the world,
seawaves threw up and drowned the land.

Only a few survived the disasters,
left to breed a new generation.
Stand strong against the greed,
do not give in for the evil powers
of evolution.

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