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Falling into the paths of oblivion
I see that i'm not alone
I watch to the punished souls
Of those who fell before
I wonder why and i think
That i'm not dead yet
But life demised
Now the gates are close

The darkest sights i've ever seen
Is it real or is it a dream?
This twisted nightmare
Just a punishment for my life

Hellish creatures come to me
It's time to take my soul
This is the end
Last chance has gone

A withered rose for the dead in sin
A nameless tomb made for me
A withered rose for the dead in sin
A soulless corpse rots in peace
A withered rose for the dead in sin
Condemned to hell - never free
A withered rose for the dead in sin
I lived my life but life demised

I even thought that death would never reach me
I even thought i'd reach the eternity
Now i see it's too late for me
Too late - there's no return from death, i wait

My price for destiny
This years of wickedness
Those broken hopes
Stole my soul

Now i'm lost
Forever lost
Doomed to suffer
In my inner hell

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