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[Music: Saikkonen, Javanainen Words: Saikkonen]

You've got to get rid of your control
Your life's fading and you let it go
Look in the mirror every once in a while
You're reminding of the shape of reptile
You find yourself dead every morning
An utter feeling of being mislead
You just can't keep it in your head
A whole new world is what you're waiting for
Your new consciousness, now free to explore

"I don't love you like myself
Not an ordinary fool
I don't love you like myself
It is sad but true"

It is your path, your philosophy
Closed are your eyes in your dignity
But always you need someone before you
You're weak no matter what you intended to be

"I don't love you like myself
Not an ordinary fool
I don't love you like myself
It is sad but true"

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