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I've travelled this Illusion...
Light show extraordinaire...
Been searchin' for a reason...
A why we all can share.

'Coz all the things they taught me
Didn't help me make it clear...
'Twas their misunderstanding
Made all this appear.

A man needs someone to believe in
Or else he's gonna blow his mind.
There's something more to life than TV,
You know it's gonna make you blind.

I've come to this conclusion -
There's one beyond compare.
The source of all religion -
His light has always been there.

The truth that He has brought me
Did away with all my fears,
And misinterpretations
Are soon to disappear.

A man needs someone to receive him
When he gets to the other side...
We've gotta have this growing feeling
We're a part of the Great Divine.

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