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If all my good fortune ended
If my whole world came crashing down
If suddenly everything I'm sure of
Came crashing to the ground
If all of my worst fears came true
If I lost every dream I ever knew


You would be the faith that carries me
You, you would show me the grace
To make me see the truth
Whatever storm I fly into
All I really need to get me through
Is you

So I can take my chances
I can swing from the trapeze
I'm not afraid of falling
'Cause I know that you'll catch me
When my sky is running out of blue
When I just don't know what to do



When I don't believe in anything
When I'm spinning in a hurricane
When the world is full of strangers
I've got you


Whenever I'm lost
Whenever I'm down
Whenever all my dreams
Come crashing down
All I need
All I need is you

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