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Music by Melanie Thornton and Todd Chisolm
Lyrics by Melanie Thornton

It's alright, everything is gonna be alright
It's alright, everything is gonna be alright

Verse 1:
When I think about life
Something creeps in my mind
Saying, "it's time for a change"
Pointin' fingers, no doubt
I'm just wasting my time
Looking for someone to blame
For all the hate and abuse
How can I face the truth
If I don't open my eyes
And let it get to me, and get to you
Let's come together and start a new

If we try, make a change
We'll survive and then we can say
It's gonna be alright


Verse 2:
It's just a matter of time
Can't ignore all the signs
Gotta do what ever it takes
Teach the children at home
Before they're out on their own
And making the same mistakes
The time is tickin' away
We gotta start today
And try to make it right
So let it get to me and get to you
If we come together, how can we lose

If we fall on our knees
And pray, we've got to believe
It's gonna be alright


It's alright, it's alright, everything is gonna be alright


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