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Nourish The Beast
By The Wandering Lucid Sky
Invoking The System

Slavery Citadelled Heart
In Armaggeddon-Like Dimension
Neutralized in Molecular Dark
Nocturnal Shade Beyond The Life

Spectral Crystal Darkness
Mournful Cave a Wisdom Play
Poet Blasphemy, Alchemy
The Black Crystal Pedigree

Journey Into Heaven's Jest
Gloating by The Jingle's Hell
Reached Crystal,Power-Death
The Blood Bounds near to Devil's Aim

It Breaks The System
By The Nocturnal, Flicker Star
And Breeds The Pedigree
By The Dimension of Glowing Sign

Ravens: Grant 'Em to Grasp
Ravens: Grant 'Em to Grasp

Captured Wisdom Holy Soiled
By The Black Eyes
Which are like a Crystal
In Thy Flesh Nocturnal

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