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[Verse 1]
In every art some times are hard, but our strenght won't fail.
'Cause Metal is the greatest art, so Metal will prevail!
The time has come to sing a song about this powerfull scene.
About the greatest way to live, the world has ever seen.
Sing this hymn of victory, it will be our guide.
The way of Heavy Metal is a way of truth and pride.
I know the time will come, when all the world will rock.
This song was blessed by Heavy Metal Gods!

[Verse 2]
All the charts, they will be ours. 'Cause we will never stop.
We show the worls a sacred way. Bring Metal to the top.
Our strong words will spread around by media and mail.
All True Metal Warriors, come shout it out: All Hail!!!
I know there are people in the scene, who once lived it out.
Now they're watching TV, prefer sitting on their couch.
But Brothers, the're still bands around
who play their songs with soul.
So move your ass, come to our Metal Show!

Bring Metal to the stadiums.
That's where it belongs.
Into the stadiums we ride.
We conquer all the stadiums with Metal and with pride.
Into the stadiums tonight.

All the crowds are growing.
Thousands side by side.
Sworn by blood, that they will all unite.
All over the battlefields our voices will be heard.
Right across the continent and all around the world.
Shout it out:


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