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Predicting time and places presenting us with changes
a different page in our world with only clues to the answers
We`re left to decide as it all begins to unfold
The secrets will unfold and continue to follow you

He questioned the heavens as he wrote about the fate
He riddled the writings about the path that we take

Try to believe, don`t be deceived by what will be revealed
it was written long before

Giving signs through the ages, lead us to places, countries divided by wars
A mass production of great destruction and all will suffer a toll
do we close our eyes?
Of new beginnings that come to an end
of foreign lands that fought to defend
cannot deny what has been said, just don`t understand what has been read

Are there reasons for it all, it was written log before
will we hear the call, the writings on the wall

Try to believe, don`t be deceived by what will be revealed
it was written long before

Could we believe a man could see the course of things to come
will you accept what hasn`t happened yet or if nothing can be done
do you want to be told what the future has to hold
He prophecied when worlds collide changing the way that we see
The nights alone, the spirit shown, disguising themselves as his dreams
Never wanted to see, oh never wanted to see

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