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Have you ever wondered why, we wonder why,Our lives look different, through
another persons eyes?, Through another persons eyes

Dreams so real that we can almost feel

Can`t understand, the things that have been said, from the voices in my

Let your memories take you to another time, to a time and place, where
nothing`s on your mind, nothing`s on your mind

Dreams so real that we almost feel

Can`t understand, the things that have been said, from, the voices in my

We hold the keys, that unlock all of the doors, Cant we get to a plane,
never been before


We need to devise a way, to disguise the confusion, that we feel,to break
through the haze, and get through the maze to a level that is real
There must be a way,The cards can be played to finally win this deal
We`re one in the same, involved in this gamem in time to be revealed

Can`t understand......

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