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They cover up lies, a creative disguise, do you believe all that is said?
They`ve programmed the masses, controlling our minds
Now the trap has been set, false accusation of fraud and deceit
They prey on the old and the young,
they take from poor for the elite
smashing the hardworkings ones

This is the master plan, and their hiding behind their secrets within
It`s time to begin
and we `ll never be told the secrets within

Don`t you believe what they?re telling you
Dont`t be deceived what they`re selling you

Twisting their stories to mimic the truth,
They`re hiding the secrets from you
Conspiracy theories are actually truth
but the witness is hidden from the view
breaking down walls by kicking in doors
They? re banning your weapons as threats
taking your money to fund foreign wars
The punk down the street bought an Uzi 'collect'

This is the masterplan......

Don`t you believe what they?re telling you
Dont`t be deceived what they`re selling you

This is the masterplan.........

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