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OK, let the fuckin dogs come through OK?
Get the fuck out the way man
and let the fuckin dogs come through OK?
This belongs to us man.
We the fuckin thugs.

1 - We thugs
What you ain't heard of us, man we motherfuckin murderers
Nigga we thugs
A million dollars ain't easy to touch
cause us niggaz ain't scared to bust
{repeat 1 x4}

I do my best to keep my past in my past, I remember wearing ski masks
Running from the taz, busting at they stupid asses
Coward fuckin bastards would love to see my wrapped up in plastic
With a lock on my casket
But ut uh, ain't goin be none of that
Yall will see me jump in my black 'llac
with the windows down busting back
(Man here come the fuckin coppers)
You think I fuckin worry bitch, I got a fuckin chopper
I'm the southerns finest, rewind this
And see if your shit can call me your highness
You can't find this no where else but the south
I love ducking but money is what I'm bout
My career is my necessity, who could the best be
Shit, man you motherfuckers testing me
It's No Limit, I leave the war without a motherfucking blemish
Bitch I'm a soldier, I walk in the rain and I won't get wet
You motherfuckers better give me respect
Bitch I'm Mr. Magic, I thought you knew I was here to cause havoc
Don't get mad, cause

2 - I'm a thug
What you ain't heard of us, man we motherfuckin murderers
Cause I'm a thug
A million dollars ain't easy to touch
cause us niggaz ain't scared to bust
{repeat 2 x2}

There you have it. (There you have it baby.)
This has been a Mr. Magic presentation, ya dig.
Brought to you by TRU Records.
Millions and millions respect us, ya dig.
Ain't no fakes, ain't no phonies.
Nothing but TRU motherfucking homies.
What's up, what's up P?
What's up Silkk, what's happening Snoop?
Magic, doing your thing.
You put that fucking Ninth Ward on the map too.
Damn, they goin love you for that boy.
This nigga's straight outta New Orleans.
And guess what.
TRU Records can't be stopped nigga.
What's up?

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