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Magic land so far away - was
It worth the voyage in these days?
The lives of soldiers thrown away
In medieval claims to yesterday...
Off the starboard bow/in the
Heat of the night/we visualize
Apocalypse in the fire fight,
The parliament says "it's necessary"
But Birmingham calls you home/
The neighborhood, the family, the
Mind begins to roam.
Ocean currents flowing/taking
Vessels to a war/whether right
Or wrong it's a moot point/as we
Hit the shore/a former king's
Residence/in the district of the
North/the crown of England is risking
All for sovereignty at Stanley Port.
The Mission. The Mission. Don't Forget
The Mission.
But there's no way out/I don't want
To stand here and fight anymore/
Please - couldn't we find a better way,
I just saw somebody die.
Waving the flag as he fell to the ground -
While the locals rejoiced in liberation.
So take those ice cold islands back -
Almighty Union Jack/a thousand
Victories will be behind you/in royal
Fashion the colonies, the land swept up
In the naval destruction out at sea.
No wire to the U.K. - no moral
Ground can prepare us to die at
Falkland Sound.*
So take those ice cold islands back
Almighty Union Jack/a thousand
Victories will be behind you/when will
We learn to cease the fire/my friends
In modern times - we need a better way.
Because this place belongs to all of us
Responsibility lies within each of us
The revenge we seek will not conquer us...
This place belongs to all of us
Responsibility lies within each of us
One earth, one mind can save us
My friends the end is near us.

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