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"These are my last words, their treasonous hands
have us all under siege, now do you understand?"
Gossens ministers - all at hand
will take up final stations
as the coup hunts a single man
No offer of exile did he take in his last trial...

Covert action - Santiago
The U.S. denies it but the president knows
Broken fathers, strut of the guard
see cruel opportunists where the losers die hard

Seeking refuge from this "land of fire".

Allende supporters are gathered
They disappear, ask them how the tortured shall
dispatch a message to loved ones now
Their photographs worn by survivors
A swede is the only trace of redeemed grace
as Edelstam prepares a place
of asylum but without "sanction".

Fleeing persecution - visas feigning new
So they wait there at the embassies...

Labor takes a fall (IMPENDING ASCENSION)
The White House seems appalled at the disgrace
They toast a secret cheer in executive session
and keep it going strong (wear a gameface)
Hunter Hawker dive (IMPENDING ASCENSION)
Superiors decide it's a rat race
It's all about control (IMPENDING ASCENSION)
See Nixon take a hold from his powerful place.

How much terror for five thousand?
How many others suffer on the outside of this stadium?
Is there no end?

These are my last words-treasonous hands
have us all under siege, now do you understand?
Hear my last broadcast-mic in hand
Workers rise up-bear arms-the coup rapes its own homeland
Hold on th your memories ("disappeared families")
What justice befalls our enemies?

Allende supporters are gathered-ESTADIUM NACIONAL
They disappear, ask them how the tortured shall
dispatch a message to loved ones now
Their photographs worn by survivors-ESTADIUM NACIONAL
We pray just to turn the page upon this stage
of human suffering-a world enraged
Now there must be a new resistance!

Cardinal commission, extraordinary will/solidarity no wish to kill
Am I dreaming? How can all of this be real? Will I wake to see
these horrors still?

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