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The Solano County Engineering Archives, vault 1

Feel free, write your scathing indictment
Pick us apart with your joke of a pen
Pacified poet, standing alone you know it
I hear you preaching:
"Do it again - won't you please do it again?"

Plenty of time - hear the hypocrites whine
Pathetic business -
take it, test it, know it, burn it
It's all a game you play so mealy mouthed
at the trough we lay
I hear you pleading:
"Do it again - won't you please do it again?"

Take it all upon you now
Make you mark somehow
and keep it going
With illusions that you're real
and phrases that you'll steall
At your best you'll drag them down

I've heard it all before
it's all been said before
extending all an invitation - welcome to the

Critic's Carnival -
Where writers think they know more than you
No, don't be a fool at Critic's Carnival

A bully pulpit built to spin a phrase
will "pitch" a sermon for you
if you've got the money to pay at the
Critic's Carnival
buy fifty dollar words, try bull-shit

No, don't be deceived at Critic's Carnival...

Invite us to your ivory tower
Impress me with your
insightfull gift of genius
Yes, you can dish it out
A coward too much clout
Hungry for power -

Do it again - won't you please do it again?
Monday morning's last draft quarterback
Get it right get it wrong
We've just dragged on too long
It's all a game you play
so mealy mouthed at the through we lay
I know you hear me!
Do it again won't you please do it again?


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