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Back in '61 to '65, their indifferences,
Could never hide the buried hopes
Of peace/that rest beneath them wearing
Grey or blue.
Did the burning of white mansions still
The fire inside their hearts to kill
Each other? The memories that lie where ash remains.
They marched all the fathers and sons
To a slaughter/
Then the widows and daughters knew
That no one would march back home.
Can you feel it? Don't deny that it comes from
Deep within your soul.
Can you feel it? Don't you see that this
Is something we can do together?
The intolerance bred ignorance and prejudice
But they possessed destructive powers
Making it too real for them to see
That their strength was an illusion
Fueled by dreams of glory writing
Their own story
Knowing that no man should be
Though it's hard to build on dreams again
We must fight the demon if
We're going to win.
One more chance to live again - to prosper the
Open land that God gave them. One more
Chance to live a new way - they sacrificed
Everything - they threw it away.
Hate must never claim the lives of our heroes
Again. Never can we allow another burning...

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