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[Maestro Fresh Wes]
Yeah, going out to all my peoples, you know what I'm saying
Now move to a higher level, I'm sprint
First I inhale, then I exhale Allah's name
You never see me pointing to the next male
Never seen me judge my cuz, I'd rthter show love
'Cause poverty's got a grudge and the grudge won't budge
But nigga's gotta do what a nigga's gotta do
What's nigga gotta do to make dough and watch the zeros grow
I'm working hard, I make a beat I make a rhyme
Trying to make a dime, black man change your state of mind
PEACE! to PE, BDP and X-Clan when I give a pound
It's never with my left hand
Styles are living long, you know my word is bond
'Cause my rhymes are cock strong
Like the fruit of Islam, word to God yo
Times is hard yo
I'm just a regular brother coming straight out of Scarborough
Fresh Wes'll never perpetrate and be a gun man
That shit'll be funny like Aaron Hall catching a suntan
I just be myself, maintain my health
Concetrate on my wealth, 'cause you know I go for delf
G-O-D's the only one who dictates
And before I plant seeds you know I got to get my shit straihgt
Concrete jungle's could trample
A little nigga without a father figure, or an example to follow
Young minds are getting swallowed by the devil
We got to help the youth, elevate to a higher level

CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes]
No shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind
I ain't blind, I know the time
No shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind
I ain't blind, I know the time

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
Check it
I made a record hitting hard like a wall
I say without togetherness we got nothing at all
Progess will stall, the blackman will fall
And if you don't believe me, check the Final Call
I'm getting bolder 'cause I'm getting older
Some say I told ya, I known he had a chip on his shoulder
Nah, I love my people like a passion
Give me the opportunity, I write about unity
The community will prosper, or should I say grow
When brothers and sisters know the right way to go
I make beats and I'm all about peace
Refuge is what I seek from anxiety and grief
My mind stays focused, my vision stays clear
I concentrate on my career, successs is near when I say my prayers
I take a deep breath, I'm tired of being oppressed
I always try my best, Fresh Wes won't stress
I'm sharper than a shank, rhyme's heavy like a tank
I want to put my money in a blackman's bank
Point blank, I even met Queen Elizabeth
(You didn't bow did you Maestro?)
Money don't be ridiculous
That's some silly shit, you know she ain't significant
I only got to bow to Allah the magnificant
Through bass and treble, I never back peddle
Side step the devil and move to a higher level

"We be living in darkness" X3

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