Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Madonna Hard Candy's lyrics 2008-05-06
Madonna 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake)'s lyrics 2008-04-25
Madonna 4 Minutes's lyrics 2008-03-18
Madonna Hey You's lyrics 2007-05-16
Madonna The Confessions Tour's lyrics 2007-01-29
Madonna Jump's lyrics 2006-11-06
Madonna Jump (Remixes)'s lyrics 2006-10-00
Madonna Confessions Remixed's lyrics 2006-04-11
Madonna Sorry (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-02-20
Madonna Sorry (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-02-20
Madonna Sorry's lyrics 2006-02-17
Madonna Let It Be / Hung Up (Uncle Funk Remixes)'s lyrics 2006-02-17
Madonna Hung Up's lyrics 2005-10-00
Madonna Get Together's lyrics 2005-00-00
Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor's lyrics 2005-00-00
Madonna Love Profusion's lyrics 2004-03-16
Madonna Nothing Fails's lyrics 2003-12-09
Madonna Love Profusion (disc 2)'s lyrics 2003-12-08
Madonna Remixed & Revisited's lyrics 2003-11-25
Madonna Hollywood's lyrics 2003-07-08
Madonna Hollywood (disc 1)'s lyrics 2003-07-07
Madonna Hollywood (disc 2)'s lyrics 2003-07-07
Madonna American Life's lyrics 2003-04-22
Madonna American Life (disc 1)'s lyrics 2003-04-14
Madonna American Life (disc 2)'s lyrics 2003-04-14
Madonna A Tribute to the Greatest Hits's lyrics 2003-00-00
Madonna A New Groove: A New Jean's lyrics 2003-00-00
Madonna Die Another Day's lyrics 2002-10-22
Madonna Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 3's lyrics 2002-00-00
Madonna GHV2 Remixed (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-00-00
Madonna GHV2 Remixed (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-00-00
Madonna GHV2 Remixed: The Best of 1991-2001 (disc 1)'s lyrics 2001-12-00
Madonna GHV2 Remixed: The Best of 1991-2001 (disc 2)'s lyrics 2001-12-00
Madonna GHV2's lyrics 2001-11-09
Madonna What It Feels Like for a Girl (disc 1)'s lyrics 2001-04-16
Madonna What It Feels Like for a Girl's lyrics 2001-00-00
Madonna Thunderpuss GHV2 Megamix's lyrics 2001-00-00
Madonna Music's lyrics 2000-08-29
Madonna Music (disc 1)'s lyrics 2000-08-21
Madonna Music (disc 2)'s lyrics 2000-08-21
Madonna American Pie's lyrics 2000-03-07
Madonna Impressive Instant's lyrics 2000-00-00
Madonna Music: Special Edition (bonus disc)'s lyrics 2000-00-00
Madonna Admiration (feat. Otto von Wernherr)'s lyrics 2000-00-00
Madonna Take a Bow Remixes's lyrics 1999-08-10
Madonna Bad Girl/Erotica (Remixes)'s lyrics 1999-08-03
Madonna Beautiful Stranger's lyrics 1999-06-07
Madonna Nothing Really Matters's lyrics 1999-04-13
Madonna Nothing Really Matters (disc 1)'s lyrics 1999-02-15
Madonna Nothing Really Matters (disc 2)'s lyrics 1999-02-15
Madonna The Power of Good-Bye's lyrics 1998-09-29
Madonna In the Beginning's lyrics 1998-09-14
Madonna Drowned World/Substitute for Love's lyrics 1998-07-20
Madonna Ray of Light (disc 2)'s lyrics 1998-04-27
Madonna Give It to Me: The Early Years's lyrics 1998-00-00
Madonna Grand Collection's lyrics 1998-00-00
Madonna Ray of Light's lyrics 1998-00-00
Madonna Frozen's lyrics 1998-00-00
Madonna Secret Remixes's lyrics 1997-08-01
Madonna Another Suitcase in Another Hall's lyrics 1997-03-18
Madonna Keep It Together's lyrics 1997-00-00
Madonna Best Ballads's lyrics 1997-00-00
Madonna One More Chance's lyrics 1996-03-26
Madonna Pre-Madonna's lyrics 1996-00-00
Madonna Something to Remember's lyrics 1995-11-00
Madonna Human Nature's lyrics 1995-08-01
Madonna Bedtime Story's lyrics 1995-04-11
Madonna Cherish's lyrics 1995-03-13
Madonna Live to Tell's lyrics 1995-03-08
Madonna Total Satisfaction's lyrics 1995-00-00
Madonna Take a Bow's lyrics 1994-12-06
Madonna Bedtime Stories's lyrics 1994-10-24
Madonna Secret's lyrics 1994-09-28
Madonna Remixed Prayers (Mini Album)'s lyrics 1993-12-16
Madonna Rain's lyrics 1993-08-10
Madonna Bad Girl's lyrics 1993-03-16
Madonna Oh Girlie (disc 1)'s lyrics 1993-00-00
Madonna Fever's lyrics 1993-00-00
Madonna Oh Girlie (disc 2)'s lyrics 1993-00-00
Madonna Vogue's lyrics 1993-00-00
Madonna Deeper and Deeper's lyrics 1992-12-15
Madonna Erotica's lyrics 1992-10-14
Madonna Erotica remixes's lyrics 1992-10-13
Madonna Erotic's lyrics 1992-09-21
Madonna This Used to Be My Playground's lyrics 1992-07-00
Madonna Bye Bye Baby's lyrics 1992-03-11
Madonna The Holiday Collection's lyrics 1991-06-00
Madonna Rescue Me's lyrics 1991-05-10
Madonna Crazy for You's lyrics 1991-03-02
Madonna Rescue Me: Remixes's lyrics 1991-00-00
Madonna The Immaculate Collection's lyrics 1990-11-12
Madonna Sexual Exposure (disc 2)'s lyrics 1990-07-21
Madonna Sexual Exposure (disc 1)'s lyrics 1990-07-21
Madonna Justify My Love's lyrics 1990-00-00
Madonna Hanky Panky's lyrics 1990-00-00
Madonna Like a Prayer's lyrics 1989-03-21
Madonna Lucky Star's lyrics 1989-00-00
Madonna You Can Dance's lyrics 1987-11-13
Madonna Causing a Commotion's lyrics 1987-00-00
Madonna You Can Dance: Single Edits of Album Remixes's lyrics 1987-00-00
Madonna True Blue's lyrics 1986-06-30
Madonna Open Your Heart's lyrics 1986-00-00
Madonna The First Album's lyrics 1985-08-00
Madonna Into the Groove's lyrics 1985-00-00
Madonna Like a Virgin's lyrics 1984-11-13
Madonna Madonna's lyrics 1983-00-00
Madonna Everybody's lyrics 1982-10-00
Madonna Deleted Remixes's lyrics
Madonna Promotional (disc 2)'s lyrics
Madonna Love Ballads's lyrics
Madonna Early Years (feat. Otto Von Wernherr) (disc 1)'s lyrics
Madonna Music Box's lyrics
Madonna Live USA's lyrics
Madonna Ray of Light: Remixes II's lyrics
Madonna Deep Throat's lyrics
Madonna American Pie + Best Songs's lyrics
Madonna Gold's lyrics
Madonna In the Mix: Part 1's lyrics
Madonna Ray of Light (remix album)'s lyrics
Madonna American Life (Remixes)'s lyrics
Madonna Hits's lyrics
Madonna 12" Singles, Volume 1's lyrics
Madonna Dance Hits & Remixes's lyrics
Madonna [non-album tracks]'s lyrics
Madonna Madonna Remixed (disc 2)'s lyrics
Madonna Golden Collection 2000's lyrics
Madonna 12" Collection, Volume 2's lyrics
Madonna Ray of Light (Remixed)'s lyrics

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