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Midnight strikes, but i can't close my eyes
These dreams of mine keep me sweating all night
It's hard to see this gift slip away from me
Like water down the drain you watch it slip away
Daylight is closing in on me, it's closing in on me
It's closing in on me
Life brings another day
For some sunlight, others rain
What will it hold for me
There's hope my cards have not been seen

You know your heart will carry you through
It's all you need and all you ever will
And when the rain comes falling at night
You'll find it warm wherever you feel right
Where you feel right
When midnight strikes

A bright light shines through a crack in a well closed blind
And so the sun reminds, to all those counting time
Start over again
Watch the sun fall from the sky
And when the smallest noise seems loud
You'll know midnight's struck


And when it's fall down upon your head now
You'll find me there with cover drawn
So close your eyes because night is on the way now
You know you'll lie awake
When midnight strikes again

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