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[Text by Tony Abrahamsen]
[Music by Mactatus]

I am the voice

Midnight shimmering
Why can't you just open your mind
I'm tired of listening to the screams
Which comes from inside
Try to sleep now in solitude you shall awake
Sleep as a child all I feel is he's shattering gaze
Come with me I'll protect you from the voices within
I can't I wish I was close to you I can't bear this pain

Adrian please wake me...

Screams are shattering your vains
Promises only pain shall remain
Why do you struggle your fear
My gaze shall shatter your stear
Why do you petty yourself
Why can't you reach out instead
Why won't you trust me I am your voice you shall see...

There's no sleep tonight
Flashing memories fills my mind
I fell so close to you
Can't you stay with me until eternity

Screams shall forever reach your mind
Why, cause only one day you shall be mine
Creation of souls I make them blind
Eternal, soon they shall all be mine...

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