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[Mac Talking]
This here a true story about ghetto love
This shit that happened to a young nigga like Mac ya heard me
Check it

I met you at a fast food spot with your sista
Lookin at my lips like you wanted me to kiss ya
Told me your name And I told you Mac
We exchanged phone number...Like that
Off top you told me that you had a man
But we can talk but thats as far as it go and I said I understand
Even though I wanted you and you knew
I was waiting for this nigga to slip up so you can be my boo
I had a wet dream I fucked you and you screamed my name
But when I woke up, all I had was some nut stains
Your baby daddy was useless and abusive
But me I treat you like you was exclusive
And even though he gave you drama
Long as y'all was together you didnt holla and you knew I was clockin
I was mad but it kinda turned me on infact
If I was your nigga I guess the next nigga would feel that

[Chours] [Background]
The pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me
Everynight I had to stop myself from fallin g
Its like the pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me
Everynight I had to stop it diggin in my pocket
Its like the pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me
Everynight I had to stop myself from fallin g Callin me callin me
Its like the pussy was just callin' me Keeps callin me
Everynight I had to stop it diggin in my pocket Callin me callin me

[Phone rings]
[Mac] Hello?
[Peaches] Hey baby how you doin?
[Mac] Who dis is?
[Peaches] This me
[Mac] Oooohhh baby whats up?
[Peaches] Hey I was jus...
[Mac] Whats happenin?
[Peaches} I was just wondering if you were coming over tonight?
[Mac] Well I dont know ya dig. I got studio time all night a shit and I
got a flight in the mourning
[Peaches] Plleeeasssee? Mac I miss you
[Mac] All right I'm on my way

The first time I hit the cat I aint know how to act
It was callin me back

[Peaches]mmmm Mac

Momma told you was no good but you fucked me so good
I rushin home from studio session to meet you where ever, no questions
Tellin my niggas "I'm a holla at ya"
This camouflage love every other night got me missin flights
You started stressin me
And you start depressing me
But before I could leave you alone you start undressing
And I remember seeing Hickies on your neck
They wasnt mine I was in Cali on the movie set, babygirl
what about respect you said you love me when Im up in them guts
We tend to say strange thangs when we cought up in them ????
My nigga Fiend was tellin me you dont deserve me
But a niggas gone do what he want to do ya heard me
Im a let this go by saying you'll always be apart of me
I just cant answer you when that pussy call me

[Background of Chours]

[Mac talking]
And it was like the pussy was just callin me nigga
You know what I'm sayin?
Real niggas feel me

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