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In the muthafuckin house
For the 9 to the 6
To them bitch-ass niggas
We know your residential spot

The red dot's on your dome, geah fool, I'm ready to pull this
Trigger, nigga, straight bangin to the fullest
Original baby gangster on the block
159 reasons to bust you with the dirty glock
It looks like rain, so I'm wettin
Your hood, of course, no remorse, better start jettin
No need for fuckin with the killer when I'm goin down
Nigga please, no R.I.P.'s for these Westside gees
I fires up the stick, grabs the nine and the clip
Which I stash by my fuckin dick
Definitely set-trippin, reminiscin
Bout my homies who died from the Park
From Casual to Short
Line up the homie as a teardrop falls
No time for back-trackin, cause hood work calls
Housecalls be given, where you livin, unforgiven
My mentality's like the dead has risen
Hit your block with the glock cocked, I'm ready to pull it
Not givin a damn, fool, catch the fuckin bullet
Your mama, your daddy, your old annie-granny
Oh no, I'm loco, out the roof of the Caddy
Aw shit, fire spits out the hole of the Mac
I will send you on a trip where you won't be comin back
I pops a bitch-made nigga, and I'm cheesin
'96 is the killin season

Murder murder murder
Kill kill kill (3x)

Murder murder murder murder...
Geah, come on

I'ma flee the muthafuckin scene with nobody alive
The mentality's got me stuck in '85
Park boy straight bangin (right)
Peelin caps back to collect my stripes
From the 3rd to the Cly', then back to Taper
Niggas rollin through, they get nothin but the vapors
Bitch please, 159 gees
Fill your bucket, fuck it, full of holes like Swiss cheese
And ain't no stoppin this b.g. from the C-P-T
Dippin around, fool, that's where I be
Niggas disrespect, makes me chuckle
Represent the hood on my fuckin belt buckle
Chalkin up points, smokin on joints, I roll through
With the mentality of fuckin you
Niggas on niggas, we need to quit
Say it ain't no peace, just this piece on yo ass like flies on shit
So fool, don't test
I be playin connect the dot on your muthafuckin chest
For no apparent reason
'96 is the killin season

Murder murder murder
Kill kill kill (3x)

Little Hawk
Boom Bam
Da Foe
And Chill

Murder murder murder
It don't stop
Murder murder murder
Till your ass gon' drop
Murder murder murder
Come on

Time flies when doin drive-by's
Cause it only takes a sec
For Boom Bam to empty the Tec
Not givin a fuck if the clip is empty
If y'all buckin, I'm buckin, I'm takin 2 with me
I hear sirens, tires screechin, bitches screamin
Niggas duckin, that muthafuckin nigga buckin
You can't compete, your whole street catch the blues
You gon' pay some muthafuckin dues
And ain't no stoppin till the clip is through
If I'm gon' die, your mark-ass gon' definitely die too
Caught the slug in the back of the shoulder
Swear, like a chair, muthafucka, I'ma fold ya
Niggas On The Run got my back, and that's cool
Like King Tee that gives me permission to act a fool
(Just clownin) No need tryin to run for protection
Catch that ass dippin when we slippin through the inner section
Niggas be transformin like trees, and
Another dead, it's the killin season

Murder murder murder
It don't stop
Murder murder murder
Till your ass gon' drop
Murder murder murder
It don't quit
Murder murder murder
Fuck the shit
Murder murder murder
It don't stop
Murder murder murder
Till your ass gon' drop
Murder murder murder
But that ain't all
Murder murder murder
Cause your ass gon' fall

Compton is this bitch
You know where the fuck we from
Original CMW in the muthafuckin house
You know how we do it
Back for that ass for the 9 to the 6
MC Eiht
DJ Slip
Tha Chill
Lil' Hawk & Bird
Da Foe
My nigga Tom
My nigga ????? is in the house
My nigga Mike T in the muthafuckin house
Everybody in this muthafucka
Y'all know how we do it
For the 9 to the 6, nigga
And you better watch the fuck out
Cause we know your muthafuckin residential spots

Murder murder murder
It don't stop
Murder murder murder
Cause your ass gon' drop
Murder murder murder
Murder murder murder
It don't quit
Murder murder murder
Fuck the shit

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