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1st Verse:
See I done been discriminated against
Talked about by my friends
Played a fool by women
And had a daddy with no feelings
I lived in ghettos with my momma
Used the stove to heat our water
and had to share clothes with my brothers
Three of us one bed one cover oh

And those were the happiest days of my lyfe
If it aint rough it aint right
Street lights are coming on
Better get home, better get home
Those were the happiest days of my lyfe
If it aint rough it aint right
While we're reminiscing Christopher Reeves
you're still Superman to me

2nd Verse:
See I done been mistreated and discouraged
felt like I was worthless
Lonely scared and nervous
In a world without no purpose
Cried out to God I didn't deserve this
But he said in time I would
See it's the bad times that make the good times feel so good

Yo I done changed dirty diapers
Cooked food with lighters
Shot so much game chicks nicknamed me sniper
Famous ghostwriter
Bank account retired
too many zeros
poppy still illegal
Chain look like nickels mixed with icicles
Stretching from the neck area to the genitals
I got a parrot on my shoulder that talk for me
And he don't say shit but nigga back off of me
Yea I'm a hood nigga
But I'm still a good nigga
Bought a couple kids new bikes, Just cause I could nigga
And I aint one who be lookin for thanks
I just ball cause I like the Yanks

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