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She can't be staring
I've got the warning bells round my neck
But i'd sure like to see how she settles her head and how the morning light
plays on her skin
It couldn't hurt just to try it
It wouldn't kill for just one night
I can feel all the decency swirling and fading and falling right down my
I'm not a string man
I am weathered in everything wrong
Not sure if she can tell that i'm wearing dangerous
And i'm wearing it so well
How much can a gentle hand unveil as we're lying intertwined
Only trying this will rpove what i don't know
Its unbelievealbe
Can't believe im entertianing this
It consumes and pollutes all that i've been so sure of
Its got me right under my chin
It wouldn't hurt to just hold out
Hold tight
Hold on
I've got it all comming when i get home
I am everything wrong
Not sure not sure if she can tell
Im wearing dangerous so well
Not sure
Not sure at all
Not sure if she can tell

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