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Septic clouds of disillusion
Cleanse the path for their crusade
Tread the steps from the vision
Light the path to the rotting corpse

They seek a light to outshine their own
They fear they've fallen from his grace

In the darkness they fear,lies the strength they.. desire
Forsaking their own divinity,they fall pray to the..night

Coveting their self made savior
An illusive icon of self-deceit
Credit the cross with the splendor of man
My hatred grows, fueled by your ignorance

Your God - My Hatred
Your Gospel - My Vengeance

I hate your God, your self-made savior
My life, my hands, my power is all
In life,in death no one controls me
I live, i die, by my own doing

See the light in which i stand
Forsaking not my true image
See them starring at the mirrored glass
Never knowing of the life beyond...

In the darkness they fear, lies the strength they..desire
Forsaking their own divinity, they fall pray to the...night

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